Dance Style
Azin founded Born 2 Dance Studio in August 2007.
Eve began dancing competitively in 2008 with All Star Legacy.
David has performed at the premier of ‘Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights’ for the Loewe’s Theater in Georgetown.
Dianamaria has choreographed and performed on stage with various European dance crews.
Catelynn is a principal dancer in one of the DMV’s most prestigious dance companies: Culture Shock DC.
Jason is a multi-talented artist with pursuits in both the music and dance fields. He has released several songs.
Jodeci is a multi-talented Hip Hop choreographer, dancer, and singer. She has performed with Disney and the Kennedy Center.
Katherine is an alumnus of the area’s well-recognized dance company, Culture Shock DC.
Katie received the “Outstanding Performer Award” from the prestigious Broadway Dance Center.
Laurence has been teaching Hip Hop, Jazz and Modern Dance since 2004. She has studied with Broadway Dance Center.
Manny is the founder and director of the popping crew “Kabuku”, which he established in 2006.
Victoria was a member of the first resident Born 2 Dance Studio Belly Dance company directed by Azin Mahoozi.
Odalys joined the Born 2 Dance Studio family on 2013, as a member of the student dance company Nehma.
Jen fell in love with Zumba in 2011. She loves to challenge her students. She is trained in many dance styles.
Melissa was cast in the professional tap show Rhythm Is Our Business
Vessie is the principal dancer and choreographer with famed DMV company: Culture Shock DC.
Amanda has performed with the Richmond Ballet in various productions, including Romeo and Juliet and The Nutcracker.
Jeremy won multiple first place awards at competition with Born Into the Arts Dance Company
Laura is a member of the contemporary dance company fusiondance.
Kotahi has trained with some of the world’s best choreographers, including Parris Goebel, Les Twins, and Willdabeest
Ollie is the artistic director of youth company: Future Shock DC.
Marcus dances with Culture Shock and DVC
Jenna performed as an ensemble dancer in University of Richmond’s production of Rent.
Willliam is the artistic director of Culture Shock DC and has performed with them in the US and Canada
Zuzana has competed with one of the oldest dance teams in the Czech Republic, The Dance Team of Jarka Calabkova Ostrava.
Belladonna is an internationally-recognized Tribal and modern fusion belly dance instructor, and is the director of Bohemian Belly Dance
Berna is an award winning, respected instructor, choreographer and performer of Middle Eastern Dance.
Shahana’s career dates back to the 1980s starting with the National Ballet of Finland. She has won national awards.
Morgan was named an All-Star Dancer by the Universal Dance Association in 2005. She has performed with many DJs.
Giddel began Salsa training in 2004 and has since expanded her training to include American Style Ballroom and more.
Traveled with Company e to Russia, Cuba, England, and Azerbaijan