Faculty Urban Games Center 2020


The B2D Urban Games is a dance performance event structured as a tournament. Unlike our Spring and Fall stage recitals, the Urban Games have the feel of a sporting event, but still feature all the fun components of a dance showcase!

How It Works:

The Urban Games are hosted at a high school Gym (James Madison High School in Vienna), where each class has a team name and a corresponding flag. 

We will have 3 separate divisions at the Urban Games.

  • The Recreational Division
  • The Select Division
  • The Self- Choreographed Division.

Every team has a 1:45-2:30 minute Hip Hop choreography piece to present. The divisions will only be judged against other groups in their division.

Going one category at a time, each of the competing teams take turns presenting their choreography. A panel of three judges scores the results live on a scale of 1 to 10.

After all the teams have performed their pieces in their respective categories (REC will only compete against REC, SELECT will only compete against SELECT, etc.), the aggregate results are tallied up, and the winners will be announced. Unlike the Dance Cup where teams were awarded trophies, the winning groups will receive one of the following prizes depending on their division

  • Recreational Division winners will be awarded new B2D merch!
  • Select Division and Self Choreographed winners will be awarded one of the following
    • Shoot a video of the performance piece at a later date to create a concept video
    • Present the piece on stage at our next Recital (applies to self-choreographed entries)
    • Receive scholarships in the form of free tickets to our Master Classes, where we host workshops with renowned choreographers from LA
    • Get your team picture featured on the Wall of Fame at our studio’s new facility (coming Spring 2020)
    • Perform the winning piece at one of the regional competition events in which B2D participates

Date: Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Time: From 2:00 to 4:00pm (performers must check in between 1:00 and 1:15pm)

Location: The Main Gym at James Madison High School, an 8-minute drive from the studio.

James Madison High School
Door #11
2500 James Madison Dr,
Vienna, VA 22181 (Google maps)

Parking: You can park anywhere on the school’s premises. There are no parking fees. 


WINTER SESSION runs from Wed 1/1 to Sun 3/22 (The ** marks a week where a deliverable is due)

  • Week 1: Wed 1/1 to Tues 1/7
  • Week 2: Wed 1/8 to Tues 1/14**
  • Week 3: Wed 1/15 to Tues 1/21**
  • Week 4: Wed 1/22 to Tues 1/28
  • Week 5: Wed 1/29 to Tues 2/4
  • Week 6: Wed 2/5  to Tues 2/11
  • Week 7: Wed 2/12  to Tues 2/18
  • Week 8: Wed 2/19  to Tues 2/25**
  • Week 9: Wed 2/26  to Tues 3/4
  • Week 10: Wed 3/5  to Tues 3/11
  • Week 11: Wed 3/12  to Tues 3/17
  • Week 12: Wed 3/18 to Sun 3/22


Please begin teaching the choreography starting on week 2 of the session (week of 1/8).

Each of your classes will learn one piece averaging 1:45-2:30 minutes long.

Classes that run Monday and Tuesday are 11 weeks long. Plan to have your choreography FINISHED by WEEK 10 (3/11) so you can use WEEK 11 to clean.

Classes that run Wednesday through Sunday are 12 weeks long. Plan to have your choreography FINISHED by WEEK 11 (3/18) so you can use WEEK 12 to clean.

As with our semi-annual theater recitals, students must attend regularly in order to properly learn the routines, especially since group formations require everyone to be present.

To avoid disqualification, please note and enforce the following attendance requirements for the kids:

-They can NOT miss more than ONE class between week 2 (week of 1/8) and week 10 for Monday/Tuesday classes (week of 3/11) or week 11 for Wednesday-Sunday classes (week of 3/18)

-They can NOT miss the last class of the session, as it serves as the Dress Rehearsal (week of 3/11 or 3/18).

You will need to submit the following on the dates listed:

MUSIC SELECTION Tuesday 1/14 by 5pm
COSTUME THEME SHEET Monday 1/20 by 9pm
TECH SHEET (w/ FINAL CUTS OF MUSIC) Sunday 3/8 by 5pm

The costumes will be ordered week 4 or 5. You will be sent a photo of the costume for your approval before anything is ordered.

Make sure to invite all your friends and family to the Urban Games on Facebook so they don’t miss out on the dance-tacular action and your awesome choreography! 🙂



Starting week 9, a staff member will be coming in during the last 10 minutes of class to film each piece.

Practice videos and music will be made available between weeks 9 and 10.

Parents are allowed to tape the end of the class with your permission

Disclaimer: All the music downloads made available here are used for educational and illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

VIDEO PASSWORD when prompted = B2DS

Class Name
ASHLEY Hip Hop – Beginner: Juniors Tues 5:40pm
MUSIC                                VIDEO
JEREMY Hip Hop – Beginner: Youth (10-15)
MUSIC                              VIDEO
JEREMY Hip Hop – Beginner: Juniors Sat 11:45am
MUSIC                              VIDEO
JERMEY/MEECH Select Division Wed 5:40pm
MUSIC                              VIDEO
KATHERINE Hip Hop – Advanced Beginner Youth (8-12) Mon 5:40pm
MUSIC                              VIDEO
KATHERINE Select Division Mon 6:45pm
MUSIC                              VIDEO
KATHERINE Hip Hop – Advanced Beginner Youth (10-17) Tues 5:40pm
MUSIC                              VIDEO
NIKKI Select Division Sun 11:45am
MUSIC                              VIDEO
VESSIE Hip Hop – Beginner: Tweens Fri 7:30pm
MUSIC                              VIDEO

Disclaimer: All the music downloads made available here are used for educational and illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. 


Below are the guidelines given to parents. Please review them in case you get any questions

IMPORTANT: Call time is 1:00 to 1:15pm 

Arrive Dressed in Costume:
Students must arrive dressed in the costume for their performance (See Costumes Page).

Wait in the Lobby:
Wait in the Lobby until official team gathering begins. 

Dancers Report to the Locker Rooms:
By 1:30pm, the Event Staff and Instructors will come and escort each of the teams back to the locker rooms in preparation for kickoff. Throughout the event, the kids will be supervised and looked after by a large event staff and volunteer team. 

Parents Enter the Gym and Take their Seats:
After the kids report to the locker room (around 1pm), parents can enter the arena (with valid tickets) and begin seating, or continue to wait in the lobby area until 2:00pm when the Urban Games kick off.

The following is the sequence of events for the Urban Games.

  • Urban Games Kicks off 2:00pm with the WELCOME CEREMONY
  • SELECT Division
  • PICK UP your kids from the Gym Floor (approx. 4:00pm)

Students will be judged on:

* Execution
* Timing
* Stage Presence

The three judges are all not part of the B2D Faculty to ensure completely impartial scoring.

At the end of each of team performance, the judges will score it on the spot, with each judge holding up a number from 1 to 10. The average of the three judge’s score will be the official score for that piece, and will be displayed on the Jumbotrons. 

The same scoring process will be used for each team in their respective divisions. In order to ensure fairness, our Judges will take into account levels while doing the scoring, meaning that an Intermediate class will be held to a higher Standard than a Beginners class.

There is B2D Merch as well as a whole bunch of AMAZING training opportunities up for grabs so make sure your students look awesome! :). 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE emphasize ticket sales to students and parents 🙂

Performers do not need tickets for the show, but their family and friends do.

Tickets for the show are priced at $22 online (with PROMO CODE: CUP) and $25 at the door, so please make sure your friends and family purchase their tickets ahead of time to get the discounted price.