Online Show Center 22nd Gala


The upcoming Awaken The Dancer Within Gala is our 22nd semi-annual Showcase.

Adult Student Performances:

The show features an eclectic mix of over 20 stage performances by adult students and professional dance companies in more than 10 different dance styles (youth classes perform separately in their own show.)

The featured dance styles include Ballet, Bachata, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Salsa, Tap, and Urban Burlesque.

Faculty Performances:

In addition, the show will also feature performances by some of our faculty dance companies, to ensure that the audience is kept entertained with an eclectic mix of performances.

The show’s duration is usually one and a half hours, with no intermission.

The Venue:

For the first time in 7 year, our usual venue was unavailable :(. This session our Gala will be hosted at the W.T Woodson High School Auditorium. With a 1,000-seat capacity, the show utilizes state-of-the-art production capabilities, including high tech stage lighting, and  cyclorama screen, all captured by two professional photographers and a crew of three videographers [visit our Video Channel to watch full videos of past performances]. Rest assured that next Gala we will be back at our fabulous home base :).


Date: Sunday, December 9th

Time: From 3:30pm to 5:00pm (students have a Call time of 2:30pm)


W.T. Woodson High School Auditorium

9525 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 (Map It)


Lot parking is FREE both days.

Tech Rehearsal Date:

Saturday, December 8th (one day before the show)

Tech Rehearsal Location:

W.T. Woodson High School Auditorium

9525 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 (Map It)

Tech Rehearsal Times:

You’ll need to be there for 1.5 hours between 1pm and 8pm. Your specific 1.5-hour window will be announced about 8 weeks before the date of the rehearsal. The venue doors will open for tech rehearsal at 11am.

Attending the Tech Rehearsal is Mandatory.

Missing it will disqualify you from performing at the Showcase.

Please review the program below to ensure that your name is spelled correctly and appears under the right class, before we go to print.




We’re off for Thanksgiving from Tuesday 11/20 to Sunday 11/25.

– Week 1: Tues. 9/4 to Mon. 9/10

– Week 2: Tues. 9/11 to Mon. 9/17

Week 3: Tues. 9/18 to Mon. 9/24

Week 4: Tues. 9/25 to Mon. 10/1

Week 5: Tues. 10/2 to Mon. 10/8

 Week 6: Tues. 10/9 to Mon. 10/15

 Week 7: Tues. 10/16  to Mon. 10/22

Week 8: Tues. 10/23 to Mon. 10/29

Week 9: Tues. 10/30 to Mon. 11/5

Week 10: Tues. 11/6 to Mon. 11/12

Week 11: Tues. 11/13 to Mon. 11/19

–OFF: TUES 11/20 to SUN 11/25 (Thanksgiving Break)

Week 12: Mon. 11/26 to Sun. 12/2

Week 13: Mon. 12/3 to Sat 12/8

The Rehearsal: Saturday 12/8

The Show: Sunday 12/9


Please make sure to review these attendance requirements in order to participate in the Show.

– Only one absence is allowed between weeks #2 and #12

– While one absence is permitted, it’s the responsibility of the student to play catchup on their own with the help of classmates, or by scheduling a private lesson through the front desk.

– Students CANNOT miss class on week #13 (last week of the session). It will automatically disqualify you from performing at the Show.

Missing Tech Rehearsal will also result in an automatic disqualification, unless a waiver is granted by both the instructor and the studio’s director.

Practice at Home with the Choreography Video and Music!

Disclaimer: All the music downloads made available here are used for educational and illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Videos will go up between weeks 11 and 12 of the session.

VIDEO PASSWORD when prompted = B2DS 




AMANDA K-Pop – Adv Beginner Choreography Tues 6:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
BERNA Belly Dance – Fan Veil Mist & Mirrors Choreography Wed 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
CATYLYNN Hip Hop – Femme Fatale Choreography Tues 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
DIANA Urban Burlesque – Adv Beginner Choreography Wed 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
JODECI Hip Hop – Intermediate Choreography Mon 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
JODECI Video Vixens – Low Intermediate Choreography Mon 8:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
LAURA Jazz – Adv Beginner Choreography Wed 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
LAURA Ballet – Adv Beginner Choreography Sat 1:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
MARCUS Hip Hop – Adv Beginner Choreography Sat 12:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
ODALYS Belly Dance – Latin Fusion Choreography Wed 6:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
SARAH Belly Dance – Hypnotic Poi Choreography Tues 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO
VICTORIA Belly Dance – Magic Veil & Baladi Choreography Thurs 7:45pm MUSIC VIDEO

VIDEO PASSWORD when prompted = B2DS

Disclaimer: All the music downloads made available here are used for educational and illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. 

All performing students are allowed to reserve studio rooms at no charge to practice with their fellow classmates (without the instructor) between Monday 10/22 and Friday 12/7, subject to space availability.  

To reserve space for practice, one of the students in the class has to designate themselves as the host and take responsibility for keeping things orderly, as well as leave a credit card on file with us to cover against incidentals.

Booking: If and when you’re ready to reserve space, please Email Us to check on space availability.

Limits: A maximum of 2 hours per reservation and 2 reservations per week apply for each class, as we have to accommodate a lot of other performing classes.

Booking Dates: You can book studio space for practice starting on Mon 10/22 (subject to availability). Email Us to request practice space and the front desk will let you know what times are available (specify your desired time slots and the class it’s for.)  


The costume may be purchased by the studio and paid for by the student, or directly purchased by the student based on the instructor’s guidelines.

Usually, students will coordinate amongst themselves, along with their instructor, to decide on a costume that appeals to the majority of them.

We make a conscious effort to keep the costs low, but different dance styles call for different price ranges.

Belly Dance costumes typically cost upwards of $130, while Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz costumes run a wide gamut ranging any where from $40 to over a $100.


Rehearsal Location:

To recap, the Tech Rehearsal will be held at:

The W.T. Woodson High School Auditorium

9525 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 (Map It)

Rehearsal Date:

Saturday, December 8th (one day before the show).

All classes and companies from both the Adult and Youth shows will be rehearsing together (i.e. we could have an adult class followed by a youth class then adults again, etc.) 

Rehearsal Time:

You’ll need to be there for 1.5 hours between 1pm and 8pm based on your class’s specific rehearsal slot.

Students arrive in Costume:

With the exception of Belly Dance students, you’re required to arrive wearing your costume. Trust us, this will save you a lot of time and effort!

Remember, with the exception of Belly Dance students, you’re required to arrive wearing your costume and ready to go anytime within your 1.5 hour window.



What do Students do Upon Arrival?

A) Wait in the Lobby:

Please wait in the venue’s spacious lobby until your group’s name is called.

B) Practice until their group is called:

To make good use of your time, students are allowed and encouraged to practice their class routines in the lobby, either without music or with a small stereo that you must keep at a moderate volume.

C) Go inside the auditorium once called:

Once your hear your group’s name announced, head into the auditorium and take a seat as a group (parents and adult performers looking to volunteer for the Youth Recital, please email us).

D) Take a seat in the Auditorium:

After heading into the auditorium, you’ll take a seat with your classmates and chaperones (for youth classes) to briefly watch other groups rehearsing on stage until you’re called on again; this time to head backstage in preparation for your stage rehearsal.

E) Practice entering backstage from the Rear of the Auditorium:

The trek from the back of the auditorium to the Backstage area is about a minute long and takes you through the hallway outside the auditorium. Since you will be making that same trip the next day at the Show, it’s very important that you practice it at the Rehearsal. 

After successfully making your way backstage from the auditorium and waiting in the wings with your group to be called on stage, you have to follow your guides instructions and get oriented with the following:

A) Stand Behind the Yellow Line:

Practice standing BEHIND the Yellow Line on the floor when waiting in the wings because otherwise the audience can see you (which doesn’t look good at all!)

B) Find the Dressing Rooms: 

Get comfortable going to and from the various dressing rooms backstage.

C) Practice Stage Entry and Exit: 

Unless noted otherwise, your choreography at the Showcase will entail that you enter the stage from the Right Wing and exit into the Left Wing, both times in darkness (don’t worry, you’ll be guided by the glowing tape on the floor and the dim light from the wings.)

So make sure to orient yourself with both the entrance and exit locations.  

A) Pre-run Huddle:

As mentioned earlier, you will run your routine twice in a row. Before the first run, get on stage with your classmates while the lights are on. Then huddle around your instructor so you can hear their pointers about formations, positions and proper entry. Listen closely because these stage-specific instructions have not been covered previously in class.

B) First Run:

  Stand in the wings: To simulate the same environment that you’ll experience the next day at the Showcase, you will now return to the wings (Right wing for entry), stand behind the Yellow Line, and then the lights will go off.

Enter Stage from the Right Wing: The backstage coordinator will give you the signal to enter the stage in the dark, but aided by the side lights and glowing tape on the floor, and then you stand in position. You will have to do this in under 10 seconds!

Perform: Just like at the show the next day, the MC will make an announcement over the speakers and the lights will come up, followed by the music, and you will perform the routine.

Hold Pose: Remember to hold your pose at the end as the lights go off (count to three once lights are completely out). Do not begin to exit until it’s completely dark.

Exit Stage from the Left Wing: You will now exit the stage into the Left Wing (the opposite side of where you entered.)

C) Second Run:

More pointers from Instructor: After the first run, the lights will turn on and the instructor will give you more pointers while you’re still on stage.

Repeat process: You will repeat the process by returning to the Right wing, standing behind the yellow line, entering stage in the dark, performing the routine, holding your pose in the end, and then finally, exiting into the Left wing.

D) Get Off Stage and Exit the Auditorium:

Final pointers BUT on the auditorium’s floor: After the second run, you will have to get off stage, as the instructor will give you more pointers on the auditorium’s floor so that the next group can get on stage for their rehearsal.

– Exit the Theater: Thereafter, you must leave the auditorium through the side doors and back into the lobby. You’re done for the day. Get a good night’s sleep and plan to own the stage tomorrow 🙂 


Check in time:

Performers must arrive to the venue by 2:30pm.

  • Theater doors open/ seating begins at 3:00pm.
  • Show starts at 3:30pm. Show scheduled to end at 5:00pm.

A) Performers Arrive in Costume:

As with the Rehearsal, all students with the exception of belly dance performers, are required to arrive in costume and in makeup/ accessories, if applicable.

B) Go Into the Cafeteria:

-The Cafeteria will be used as a staging area until the doors open to the public.

Access Restricted: ONLY performers are allowed into the cafeteria after being verified by our staff at the entrance and given a stamp. No one else is allowed to enter the cafeteria, even if they have a valid show ticket (we only sell tickets for the Orchestra and Terrace sections.)

C) In the Cafeteria Section: Identify your “Backstage Call Time”

The entire Cafeteria section will be reserved exclusively for you and your fellow performers, except of course when you’re required to report backstage ahead of your group’s performance (more on that next.)

As you enter the Cafeteria section, do the following:

 1-Pick up a copy of the Performance Order printout from the table at the entrance listing the order of performances AND your Backstage Call Time.

2-Identify and remember your Backstage Call Time: If your class is, say, Hip Hop-Dubstep with Jason listed as #11, the sheet will indicate that you must report backstage before #8. Make note of that number because it’s when you’ll need to go backstage during the Show (more details in the next section.)

3-OPTIONAL: Go to the Dressing Rooms: Only if needed, proceed to the dressing room backstage to put makeup or add accessories. Otherwise, most of you should already be in costume.

4-Take a seat in the cafeteria: If you don’t need to change or add accessories, then take a seat close to your classmates and wait for the show to start.

5- Enjoy the Show: Starting at 3:30pm, you’ll watch the show with your classmates on a projector screen in the cafeteria, BUT you must be mindful of your backstage Call Time and plan to report backstage on time.

6-Report Backstage in preparation for your performance: Follow the guidelines in the next section explaining when and how to report backstage during the Showcase.


In case you’re not familiar with the term, “Curtain Call” is when all performers get on stage at the end of the show to greet the audience.

A) Going Backstage:

After the very last performance of the show, all performers must immediately leave theirs seats in the cafeteria and head backstage to partake in the Curtain Call.

Given the large number of performers, we ask that you please leave your seats in an orderly manner.

B) Performers Entering Stage:

We’ll ask all performers to come on stage at once to be greeted by the audience (the former system has proven cumbersome due to the large number of performers we have.)

Remember to not just “walk” onto stage, but “dance” your way through it. The audience always cheers louder when performers do that. Then move closer to the back of the stage to make room for the students entering behind you.

C) Order of Stage Entry:

Instructors will be introduced first, one by one, then student performers will be directed to enter all at once, then the studio’s directors will go on last.


Needless to say, performers themselves do not need tickets for the show, but their family and friends do.

Assigned Seating:

Since the venue features assigned seating, make sure to advise your family, friends and fans to purchase tickets as early as possible because the best seats (i.e. Orchestra Center) sell out quickly.

Discounted Tickets:

Tickets for the show are priced at $30 for the general public.

However, families and friends of performing students can purchase discounted tickets and get $10 off each ticket (for a net price of $20) using a special promotion code, as outlined below.


Buy your Ticket Online & Print at Home:

Purchase and PRINT your tickets online, and just bring them to the venue. You can also DISPLAY THEM on your smartphone.



Please advise your friends, family and fans of these guidelines:

As you may know, we post the professional pictures and videos from the Recital, at no charge to you, on our Facebook page between 1 to 6 days after the show.

You can take pictures BUT you cannot use flash. It’s very harmful for the dancers on stage, including the family member or friend whose picture you’re taking.

Audience members are allowed to videotape the show.  

We have a FACEBOOK EVENT **link coming soon** for the Show, which you’re welcome to Share and Invite Friends.