Competition Info Center – 2020/2021 Season

2020/2021 Season

I-The B2D Pandemic Playbook

Dance technique refers to a dancer’s ability to reproduce movement precisely and efficiently. With no December recital and the first competition event not scheduled until March, Coaches will be spending more time focused on technique in addition to competition choreography. This is an ideal opportunity for our dancers to focus on growth. 

To support this initiative, B2D will continue to offer our usual line up of Beginner and Advanced Beginner Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz classes, along with a few NEW technique-focused classes* including:

*Please note that Jazz/Contemporary teams are still required to take weekly Ballet classes, so these new specialty technique classes would not fulfill the team’s foundation class requirement. 

Additionally, we are excited to present our NEW curated package of technique classes! The benefit of this package setup is that it covers all of the bases: Ballet as the foundation, a concentration on either Jazz or Contemporary technique, and finally a comprehensive competition team-focused technique class.  Taught by the two instructors who also coach most of the technique teams, this team technique class will give dancers the opportunity to reinforce the necessary skills and drills needed for many of the team dances. This package will create well-rounded, technical dancers.

Dancers will take:

  • 1 Ballet Class
  • 1 Jazz or Contemporary technique class from the list provided below
  • Team Technique 

Jazz/Contemporary options by level: 


Advanced Beginner:



You can sign up for ANY three classes and receive 20% off the total using Promo Code = TechniquePackage.

While many other studios are adopting  a “business as usual” mindset when it comes to choreo, masks, etc., B2D has committed to a higher level of health and safety standards.  Our heightened standards translate into a few team choreography rules, as follows : 

  1. No partnering/contact with other students.
  2. No bare feet on the floors, unless you have a small group and can manage proper cleaning of the floors after rehearsals. 
  3. Minimal floor-work. Keep it as centralized as possible to avoid cross-contamination. 
  4. Less formation changes/transitions to ensure we maintain social distancing.  

The Bottom Line: B2D will attend certain in-person competitions IF they provide safety protocols to our satisfaction, which quite a few of them do currently.

  • Studio Blocks: Many in-person competitions are now formatting their events in “Studio Blocks,” so ONLY B2D staff, dancers, and parents would be allowed in the venue/audience during a designated block of time to avoid interaction with other studios.
  • Temperature checks, masks (on event staff as well as dancers and families), and spaced-out audience seating will be in effect. Events ask that families keep numbers to a minimum to help assist in keeping social distancing. Anyone with symptoms of illness or a fever is asked to stay home.
  • High touch areas, dressing rooms, and the stage itself will be cleaned/disinfected regularly throughout the day and heavily in-between studios.
  • Many competitions will be live-streaming events so families can watch without attending in person.
  • Awards ceremonies will be live-streamed without kids on stage. Studio Rep will pick up all awards at the end of the weekend to be distributed later back at the studio. 
  • Most events are not requiring dancers to wear masks while on stage, BUT true to form, B2D dancers will be wearing masks at all times, including on stage. Needless to say, judges will not be deducting any points for face coverings, costumes, etc. 
  • Virtual Event Option: Several competitions are offering solely virtual events, Under this scenario, B2D would:
    • Arrange to record dances in room #1 (the biggest room) with costumes, hair, makeup, and lighting for virtual submissions. 
    • Host a zoom or socially-distanced in-person Watch Party for awards so students can celebrate together
    • If we decide to attend another Virtual event, we will provide an option to re-record routines with critiques/notes applied and any updates to choreography.

It is our goal to provide students with high-quality training, choreography, and events while keeping thing as safe as possible. We will be in constant communication with the events we plan to attend and have one final backup plan in case competing becomes too risky: Video Content!

If we cannot attend the desired events or number of events, we will instead film each entry in high-quality formats for social media/family sharing. That way students can know they have something to work towards and parents can rest assured we will get their kids as many performance opportunities as possible, while ensuring everyone’s safety. 

As always, team dancers interested in performing a solo, duet, or trio can apply to do so using this form:


Please see our CONVENTIONS PAGE for more specific information including event highlights and registration details!

  • Some events, like Monsters of Hip Hop and Break the Floor (Jump! On Tour, 24/Seven, Nuvo) have laid out plans for the 2021 season that include potentially in-person events, modified with lower capacity caps, hybrid in-person/virtual events, and if needed, fully virtual events for each city (or sometimes at the studio!)
  • Based on each city/state’s laws and the Covid situation in the region, these events promise to have some form of workshop or they will pass on a full refund to participants. We are still waiting to hear plans from some other events.

II-Competition Team Handbook 

The Team Handbook is the official membership contract, which you’ve signed upon acceptance into the team, and your ultimate resource for all the rules and regulations governing your team membership. Please review it thoroughly.



This is a recap of the most basic rules only. For full details, please review the Team Handbook.

  1. CALL TIME will be announced when the Studio Block schedule is released. The studio schedule must be strictly observed for appropriate facility cleaning procedures and to maintain safe distancing among participants. 
  2. Generally, the number of family members allowed in the audience will be limited to ONE family member per dancer. Spectators should plan to use masks/face coverings at the venue.
  3.  Adjudication (score) awards, studio specific special judges’ awards, and scholarships (where applicable) will be announced immediately after out studio block. Overall Awards, Event Special Awards, and Top Honors will be live-streamed at the end of each event.
  4. Food is no longer allowed at venues because of the current safety guidelines and precautions. Pack a water with your name on it, and eat a healthy, filling meal prior to arrival. 
  5. Unless otherwise told by the competition, do NOT ever take pictures or videos during live performances. The entire studio could be disqualified. Make sure your friends and family understand these guidelines.
  6. Only during award ceremonies are you allowed to take pictures or video.
  7. The studio purchases pictures and videos for all TEAM entries and offers it to dancers at cost. The cost varies by competition. Only purchase media on your own for non-team SDT entries UNLESS we notify you that those are mandated purchases by the competition event. For example, StarQuest now mandates a Media Fee for all studios and gives us access to both SDT and teams’ pics/video, so don’t buy any pics/video at StarQuest.
  8. Exhibit the highest sportsmanship.
    Congratulate other non-B2D teams when in the wings.
    Do not bad mouth anyone. Do not make mocking facial expressions. Above all, do NOT get involved in any “dancer drama” with B2D or non-B2D people. 
  9. Cheer on your B2D dancers when they’re on stage.
  10. When you post any competition-related pics or videos on social media, you MUST tag the studio and the choreographer. These are “credit and copyright rules”, and not mere courtesy. You don’t always have to include us in the post’s wording (e.g., My girl won 1st place with Born 2 Dance, with choreography by Jeremy Kozza.), BUT you must tag us in the picture, video, or text post even if you don’t spell it out.
  11. In addition to this website, please rely on TeamSnap scheduling info as much as possible.
    • Make sure your TeamSnap Notifications on your phone are turned ON.
    • If you need to add other family members to your TeamSnap’s group (e.g., Dad in addition to Mom, or the dancers themselves), please email Donna, our Team Coordinator, and we’ll add them.
    • For the many dancers in multiple entries, we have a TeamSnap group for EACH entry. Please double check that you’re a member of each of these groups.


  1. NOTE your Call Time. The Studio Block schedule will be released within 7 days of the event, and we must follow the schedule as closely as possible.  
  2. Arrive to the venue in full hair, makeup, and costume (except for shoes) for your 1st entry; the MAKEUP VIDEO is LIVE below. We will only be allotted approximately 30 minutes to check-in, set up in the dressing room, and warm up. Please be prompt and prepared!
  3. When you arrive, ask the Information Desk for the Dressing Room assigned to your team.
    **You can purchase an event program from the lobby if you wish.**
  4. Dancers who are not on stage performing or waiting in the wings should remain in the dressing room. We are no longer allowed to roam the venue or sit in the audience when we are not on stage.
  5. You MUST wear your Team Jacket before and after your performanceand during Awards Ceremony
  6. Keep track of all of your costume items. Generally, we will need to clean up after ourselves and pack up within 10 minutes of awards ending so that the event staff can prepare the area for the next studio. Do NOT forget any items at home, and do NOT lose stuff at the venue. 

III-2020/2021 Competitions & Performances

Your one-page 2020/2021 Competition Guide – COMING SOON!

Below are the three competitions we’re scheduled to attend for the 2021 season. Live-streaming information will be shared as soon as it is available.  

Exact performance day and time will be announced by the competition organizers approximately 7 days before competition weekend. Therefore, you must plan to block the entire weekend until our studio schedule for that competition is announced. Call times must be observed strictly in order to allow for appropriate facility cleaning procedures and to maintain safe distancing among participants. 

Please review the COMPETITION TEAM HANDBOOK section above for more information on our competition safety procedures and studio block scheduling for competitions.

1. Believe National Talent Competition:

DATES: 3/12/21 to 3/14/21

Chesapeake Arts Center
194 Hammonds Ln
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225



2. World-Class Talent Experience (WCTE):

DATES: 4/9/21 to 4/11/21

Venue TBD
Woodbridge, VA



3. Starpower:

DATES: 4/30/21 to 5/2/21

Hylton High School
14051 Spriggs Rd
Woodbridge, VA 22193



No recitals are currently scheduled as no stage venues are available for rent. 

IV-Team Specific Information

For the upcoming season, B2D is proud to be home to the following teams and coaches:


1) Team FLARE 
– Coach:
Ms. Catelynn
– Ages:
8 to 10
– Level: Int
– Rehearsal: Saturday 1:45-3:45pm
– Recent performance: 

2) Team INSCAPE 
– Coach:
 Mr. Demetrius
– Ages: 11 to 14
– Level: Beg/Int
– Rehearsal: Saturday 1:45-3:45pm
– Recent performance: 

– Coach: Ms. Eve 
– Ages:
12 to 14
– Level: Int/Adv
– Rehearsal: Sunday 12:45-2:45pm
– Recent performance: 

4) Team BETA 
– Coach:
Ms. Amanda
– Ages:
11 to 13
– Level: Int/adv
– Rehearsal: Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm
– Recent performance: 

5) Team THEO 
– Coach:
 Ms. Nikki
– Ages:
13 to 15
– Level: Int/Adv
– Rehearsal: Sunday 2:45-4:45pm
– Recent performance: 

6) Team DELTA
– Coach:
 Ms. Jodeci 
– Ages: 14 to 18
– Level: Adv
– Rehearsal: Sunday 2:45-4:45pm
– Recent performance: 


7) Team IMPACT
– Coach:
 Ms. Laura
– Ages:
9 to 12
– Level: Beg/Int
– Rehearsal: Sunday 2:45-4:15pm
– Recent performance: 

8) Team SPARX  
– Coach:
Ms. Amanda
– Ages:
12 to 14
– Level: Int
– Rehearsal: Monday 7:45-9:15pm
– Recent performance: 

9) Team KINETIC **NEW**
– Coach: Ms. Amanda
– Ages:
14 to 18
– Level: Adv 
– Rehearsal: Thursday 7:45-9:15pm


10) Team INFERNO **NEW**
– Coach: Ms. Laura
– Ages:
9 to 12
– Level: Beg 
– Rehearsal: Tuesday 5:00-6:30pm

11) Team SYNERGY
– Coach:
Ms. Amanda
– Ages: 
10 to 13
– Level: Int/Adv
– Rehearsal: Monday 6:15-7:45pm
– Recent performance: 

12) Team IGNITE
– Coach: Ms. Laura
– Ages:
12 to 15
– Level: Int 
– Rehearsal: Thursday 6:15-7:45pm
– Recent performance: 

13) Team OPSIS 
– Coach:
 Ms. Abby
– Ages: 
13 to 18
– Level: Adv
– Rehearsal: Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm
– Recent performance: 


14) Team MELODIC
– Coach:
Ms. Jodeci
– Ages:
12 to 18
– Level: Adv
– Rehearsal: Sunday 12:45-2:45pm 
– Recent performance: 


    Practice videos for the competition piece can be found on your team’s Facebook Page or other outlets as determined by the coach. Access and information will be relayed to dancers and parents. 

    Need access to your team’s Facebook page or the Team Snap app? Please email the Team Coordinator for help. 

    ORIGINAL RECITAL VIDEOS from the recent Fall Gala 



    Download the competition performance song:
    Downloads are made available for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.


    COMING SOON! This season we plan to keep costume costs to a minimum.

  2. MAKEUP:

    COMING SOON!  In order to minimize product contact, we will be providing a list of recommended makeup items and tools, complete with photographs and links. Dancers will be required to purchase these items on their own.  

    MAKEUP INSTRUCTIONAL (2020/2021 Season):

  3. HAIR:

    Hair for competition is no longer intended to be uniform across all teams; styling is determined by the coach for each team. If your team’s hair info is not listed below, please check directly with your coach. 



    All team dancers are required to own the Born 2 Dance Team Jacket and T-shirt. The Team Jacket should be worn to all competitions (before and after performance), and the Team T-Shirt should be worn to festivals or other events in which the teams are participating. 

    TEAM JACKET: We will be ordering team jackets for new members only sometime in late October. If any returning members need a new jacket for whatever reason, please email the Team Coordinator.  

    TEAM T-SHIRT: All members, returning and new, will need to purchase the new B2D Shirt ($19.50).


    We will be emailing you shortly to determine whether you need pierced or clip-on earrings.

As always, each team member is assigned another member to serve as their buddy throughout the competition season, with the goal of cheering each other on and helping new members get better acclimated to the program.  

Buddy Assignments coming soon!

V-Important Rules & Regulations

Embrace the Team Spirit:

Respect all your fellow B2D dancers and your teachers, and expect the same treatment in return


Accept the Commitment

This is not a mandatory course; you chose to try out and be part of this elite team. Adherence to your contract must be a priority


  • No gossiping.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • No bullying, mocking, or teasing.
  • No negative criticism or hostile behavior directed at your teammates or any other B2D dancers.


Parents and dancers are responsible for communicating effectively to ensure they keep track of all team-related dates, schedules, policies, and announcements.

Once the schedule and/or any other info are announced, both dancers and parents must mark their calendars and plan accordingly.


All team rehearsals and required technique classes are mandatory and take precedence over all other leisure activities. Any missed rehearsals or technique classes due to competition scheduling conflicts will NOT be counted as absences. 

For REQUIRED School Events: Please ensure timely notification of school events that are required for grades. Last minute notification of these events is unacceptable.

Always arrive on time! If you’re running late, you must inform the team director or call the studio to pass on a message to the director or to the class instructor. Repeated tardiness will be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the team.


Families who are not yet comfortable with in-studio rehearsals may choose the streaming option for attending. If you do not yet have the Zoom meeting information for your team, please email the Team Coordinator.  

In the event that you ever think you are sick OR any family members are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please inform us right away. We ask that you stay home and attend virtually or just get some rest.


In a given class session (e.g. Fall), other than Summer, you’re allowed ONLY ONE absence from team rehearsal for a legitimate reason, as defined below:

Legitimate absence reasons include sickness, injury, emergency, a death in the immediate family, mandatory school event, or an event crucial to the dancer’s academic well being. Missing rehearsal or class to go to a social event or vacation or a sports practice, for example, are not legitimate reasons.


All non-emergency/sickness absences (e.g. mandatory school event) within the allowable absence limits must be communicated to the coach and studio director at least 7 days before the absence date.

All sickness/emergency-related absences must be communicated to the coach and studio director as soon as the urgent circumstances leading to the absence arise.

Communication to the coach and/or studio director to report absences must be made via email or a TeamSnap message. Marking your availability as absent inside the TeamSnap app is NOT enough.

Dancers are responsible for learning the material they miss PRIOR to the next rehearsal. Coaches may require a private lesson. 

Parents have signed contract, been emailed, verbally reminded, and in some instances also signed another reminder in their practice logs-there is no excuse for “not knowing” information.