24th Gala Faculty Show Center


The upcoming Awaken The Dancer Within Recital and Gala are our 24th semi-annual productions.

Both the adult and youth shows will take place on Sunday, December 8th at Rachel Schlesinger Concert Hall. The Youth Recital runs from 12:00pm to 1:30pm, while the Adult Showcase runs from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

As always, the shows will feature the same amazing stage performances from over a dozen dance styles, including Ballet, Belly Dance, Bachata, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Salsa, and Urban Burlesque.

Promoting the Adult Show:

We hope to raise the show’s profile and position it as a unique showcase of diverse dance performances from around the world. To that end, we encourage all our faculty members to actively promote their involvement in the show and utilize the Show Trailer below, along with the FACEBOOK EVENT in their online promotional effort.


Date: Sunday, December 8th


12:00pm to 1:30pm for YOUTH RECITAL

3:30pm to 4:30pm for ADULT SHOWCASE


Rachel Schlesinger Concert Hall & Arts Center located inside

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) Alexandria Campus.

4915 East Campus Drive, Alexandria, VA 22311 (Map It)


Garage parking is FREE both days.

Tech Rehearsal Date:

Saturday, December 7th (one day before the show.) Participation is mandatory for all students.

Both the adult and youth performers will be mingled together for rehearsal purposes, unlike at the Show the next day.

Tech Rehearsal Time:

The venue doors will open for tech rehearsal at 11am.

Each performing group or class will only need to be there for 1.5 hours between 1pm and 9pm. The specific 1.5 hour window will be announced to all students about 6 weeks before the date of the rehearsal (sometime in mid-October).

For instructors with multiple performing classes in either or both shows, we will do our best to schedule your groups’ rehearsals back to back, which is why we’re mixing adults and youths at the rehearsal. However, do expect to be there for a longer period of time than your own students.

Show Date: Sunday, December 8th

Youth Show: 12:00pm to 1:30pm

    • Call Time for youth students is 11:15am
    • Call Time for instructors is 10:45am
  • Theater doors open to the public at 11:15am


Adult Show: 3:30pm to 4:30pm

    • Call Time for adult students is 2:30pm
    • Call Time for instructors is 2:30pm
  • Theater doors open to the public at 3:00pm


Beyond the obvious requirement for clean lyrics, below is a recap of the length guidelines for all classes and guest companies.

Choreography Length Guidelines (in mm:ss)




Belly Dance classes 2:00 3:15
Belly Dance Tribal Fusion classes 2:00 3:45
Belly Dance Tribal Fusion Companies 2:00 3:45
Hip Hop or Jazz classes- Adults 2:00 3:00
Hip Hop-Faculty 2:00 4:00
Hip Hop classes- Juniors 2:00 2:30
Hip Hop OR Jazz classes-Tweens Or Teens  2:00 2:45
Competition Teams 2:00 3:15
Salsa- Company 2:00  3:00
ANY Instructor/ Faculty collaboration  2:00   3:45
Contemporary classes – Youth  2:00  3:45
Ballet classes – Youth 2:00 3:45

ALL Instructors must start teaching the choreography on WEEK #2 of the session for ALL CLASSES (week of Tuesday 9/10) Enrollment for these classes will close thereafter.

Companies and teams can start as early as week #1.

See Session Timelines section for a refresher.

You should aim to finish the entire piece for each class by no later than week 12 for both Youth and Adult classes, and dedicate the last class of the session (Week 13) to cleaning and practicing.


-For Hip Hop instructors, you need to pick a minimum of 2 songs and a maximum of 4 for each performance class.

-For all other styles, a minimum of one song is acceptable. There’s no limit on the maximum.


-You can begin making your initial music selection as early as before the session starts and by no later than 9pm on Sunday 9/8 (Sunday of week #1) using this Music Selection Sheet (to ensure no two classes in the same show use the same music.)

-Remember you must start teaching choreo on week #2 (week of Tuesday 9/10), so you need at least one song for each class selected by that date. You can add the rest of your music by no later than 9pm on Sunday, 9/15 (Sunday of week #2.)


-You will submit your final music files, edited and clean, along with staging-related info, using this online TECH SHEET (due by Sunday November 10th)For your music, please use any format EXCEPT  .WMV

Please make sure to reiterate these attendance guidelines to your students.


Here are the guideline for your student

-Only one absence allowed between weeks #2 and #12

-Missing class on week #13 (last week) will automatically disqualify them from performing at the show.

Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY for students. Missing it will result in an automatic disqualification, unless a waiver is granted by both you (the instructor) and Rami.

See Session Timelines for the breakdown of the weeks


Taping Dates:  

As has been the custom, we will tape your class running the whole choreography by the end of class on weeks 9 or 10 of the session and send the online video to your students. By then, the entire piece should be completed. If your choreo is ready before week 9, let us know and we’ll tape you accordingly.

Students allowed to tape weekly: 

As always, adult students and parents are welcome to tape the choreo in progress at the end of each weekly class and share the video amongst themselves.


Disclaimer: All the music downloads made available here are used for educational and illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

VIDEO PASSWORD when prompted = B2DS



ABBY Opsis Tues/Fri 4:30pm

MUSIC                 VIDEO #1


AMANDA Synergy Mon 6:15pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
AMANDA Sparx Mon 7:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
AMANDA Beta Tues 4:30pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
ASHLEY Hip Hop – Beginner: Juniors Tues 5:40pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
CATELYNN Flare Sat 1:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
JENNA Genesis Team Sun 12:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
JEREMY Inscape Team Sat 1:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
JEREMY Hip Hop – Beginner Tweens Mon 5:40pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
JEREMY Hip Hop – Beginner Juniors Sat 11:45am
MUSIC                 VIDEO
JODECI Melodic Sun 12:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
JODECI Delta Sun 2:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
KATHERINE Theo Sun 2:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
KATHERINE Hip Hop – Advanced Beginner Youth Mon 5:40pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
KATHERINE Hip Hop – Advanced Beginner Youth Tues 5:40pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
LAURA Ignite Thurs 6:15pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
LAURA Impact Sun 2:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
LAURA Pre Ballet Minis Sun 10:45am
MUSIC                 VIDEO
NIKKI Energize Sun 12:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO




AMANDA K Pop – Advanced Beginner Choreography Tues 6:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
BERNA Belly Dance – Moulin Rouge Choreography Wed 8:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
KATHERINE Hip Hop – Low Intermediate Tues 6:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
DIANAMARIA Urban Burlesque – Advanced Beginner Choreography Mon 7:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
DONNA Belly Dance – Drum Solo Choreography Tues 8:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
LAURA Contemporary – Advanced Beginner Wed 6:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
LAURA Jazz – Advanced Beginner Tues 8:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
ODALYS Belly Dance – Zeina Choreography Wed 6:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
VICTORIA Belly Dance – Mesmerizing Fan Veil Choreography Thurs 8:45pm
MUSIC                 VIDEO
Belly Dance Closing Number
MUSIC                 VIDEO

VIDEO PASSWORD when prompted = B2DS

Disclaimer: All the music downloads made available here are used for educational and illustration purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. 


Needless to say, everyone performs on stage in dance costume. Please review the the costume selection and ordering process for your class or company, as outlined below.

All YOUTH instructors are required to complete this Costume Theme and Class Names Sheet by Fri 9/20

Costume Selection and Ordering Process by class


Selection Guidelines

Belly Dance classes Instructor makes selection
Hip Hop and Jazz Classes- Adult

1) Pick a costume for them OR

2) Ask them to vote on one, then you get to approve it

Hip Hop and Jazz Classes- Youth Instructor will submit theme preference and Studio will handle
Hip Hop Teams Instructor will submit theme preference and Studio will handle
Salsa/Bachata/Tango- Classes Instructor /company director makes selection
Salsa/Bachata/Tango- Companies Instructor /company director makes selection
Salsa/Bachata/Tango Classes Instructor /company director makes selection
Ballet Classes Instructor will submit theme preference and Studio will handle
 Contemporary Classes Instructor will submit theme preference and Studio will handle


Rehearsal Location:

To recap, the Rehearsal will be held at:

 The Rachel Schlesinger Concert Hall located inside Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) at the Alexandria Campus.

The address is 4915 East Campus Drive. Alexandria, VA 22311. Map It

Rehearsal Date:

Saturday, December 7th (one day before the show).

All classes and companies from both the Adult and Youth shows will be rehearsing together (i.e. we could have an adult class followed by a youth class then adults again, etc.) This will help reduce the wait time for instructors with classes in both shows.

Rehearsal Windows:

Students in each class need to be on standby for 1.5 hours between 1pm and 9pm. Their actual rehearsal time is 10-15 minutes (will run the piece twice stage.) The exact rehearsal schedule with each class’s 1.5-hour window will be released in mid-October. 

Students arrive in Costume:

With the exception of Belly Dance students, all performers are required to arrive in costume.



Rehearsal Check-In Process for students: 

1) Wait in the Lobby with classmates

2) Practice while waiting

3) Once called, go upstairs to the Balcony section

4) Take a seat in the Balcony until they’re called backstage

5) Enter backstage from the Balcony section

Students must learn these 3 Backstage Processes: 

1) Practice standing Behind the Yellow Line

2) Identify the location of Dressing Rooms

3) Practice Entering stage from the Right Wing and Exiting into the Left Wing

Stage Rehearsal Processes:

1) Pre-run Pointers: Huddle with your students on stage for pre-run pointers

2) First Run: Students to stand in the Right wing, enter dark stage & get in position, lights and music turn on, perform the routine, hold pose, then exit into the Left Wing

3) Second Pointers: Huddle again on stage for the 2nd round of pointers

4) Second Run: Students to repeat process and run the routine again

5) Third Pointers: Get onto the auditorium’s floor with your students for the 3rd and last round of pointers

6) Exiting: Students to exit auditorium into the lobby


If you have classes or teams performing in both the Youth and Adult shows (most Hip Hop instructors do), then please pay attention to the Call Times for each show as you’ll need to report in for both.

All the other guidelines, however, apply equally to both shows.

Call Time YOUTH Show:

-Instructors must arrive to the venue by 10:45am.

-Youth performers must arrive to the venue by 11:15am.

-Theater doors open/ seating begins at 11:15am.

-Show starts at 12:00pm. Show scheduled to end at 1:30pm.

Call Time ADULT Show:

 -Instructors and performers must arrive to the venue by 2:30pm.

 -Theater doors open/ seating begins at 3:00pm.

 -Show starts at 3:30pm. Show scheduled to end at 4:30pm.

What to do between Shows?

Assuming you’re in both shows, you’ll have one hour or a little more between the two shows (youth ends at 1:30pm and the adults’ call time is 2:30pm.) We will provide lunch for our faculty and staff.

A) Students Arrive in Costume:

As with the Rehearsal, all students with the exception of belly dance performers are required to arrive in costume and in makeup/ accessories, if applicable.

B) Go Upstairs to the Balcony: 

-Balcony Entrance: Students will check in the lobby and will be escorted upstairs to the Seminar Room for gathering. Instructor should also report to the Seminar Room during gathering, and once we begin performers seating, you’re excused to go backstage or take a seat in the balcony.

Access Restricted: ONLY performers and instructors are allowed into the Balcony section, after being verified by our staff at the entrance and given a stamp. No one else is allowed to enter the Balcony section, even if they have a valid show ticket (we only sell tickets for the Orchestra and Terrace sections.)

C) In the Balcony Section:

The entire Balcony section will be reserved exclusively for performers and instructors to watch the show, except of course when they’re required to report backstage ahead of their group’s performance (more on that next.)

Students will be guided by a chaperone who will let them know when they need to report backstage, and will escort them to and from the wings. All the students are required to do is follow their chaperone’ s instructions

A) Going Backstage:

After the last performance of the show, the chaperones will escort all youth performers to Backstage to partake in the Curtain Call. Adult students will need to report backstage on their own.

B) Instructors introduced on Stage:

Instructors, most of whom will have just finished performing the Faculty piece, will be introduced on stage, one by one, and will then move to lineup towards the back of the stage. You’re welcome to bow, dance or blow a kiss if you want 🙂

C) Students Entering Stage:

We’ll ask all performers to come on stage at once to be greeted by the audience in specific groups that will be organized by the chaperones. 


Instructors and guest company directors themselves do not need tickets to the show. But if you’d like to invite guests to either the adult or the youth show, we can provide you with comp tickets which you’ll request when you complete the Tech Sheet


Both shows will be filmed professionally and the videos will be made available on our Vimeo and Facebook pages shortly after the recital.

Please remember (and remind your students) that videotaping is allowed at the show however, flash cameras are strictly prohibited.


We’re off for Thanksgiving Break from Tues 11/26 to Sun 12/1.

– Week 1: Tues. 9/3 to Mon. 9/9

– Week 2: Tues. 9/10 to Mon. 9/16

Week 3: Tues. 9/17 to Mon. 9/23

 Week 4: Tues. 9/24 to Mon. 9/30

 Week 5: Tues. 10/1 to Mon. 10/7

 Week 6: Tues. 10/8 to Mon. 10/14

 Week 7: Tues. 10/15 to Mon. 10/21

 Week 8: Tues. 10/22  to Mon. 10/28

Week 9: Tues. 10/29 to Mon. 11/4

Week 10: Tues. 11/5 to Mon. 11/11

Week 11: Tues. 11/12 to Mon. 11/18

– Week 12: Tues. 11/19 to Mon. 11/25

OFF FROM TUES 11/26 to SUN 12/1 (For Thanksgiving Break)

Week 13: Mon. 12/2 to Sat. 12/7

The Rehearsal: Saturday 12/7**

The Show: Sunday 12/8

**Performance classes and teams WILL have class on Saturday, December 7th. Your rehearsal time will be such that you will teach class at the Studio, then head to the venue for Tech Rehearsal.

Teams will NOT have class on Show Day (Sunday, December 8th)