Performing on stage is one of the most cultivating aspects of dance education.

In addition to its educational benefits, being part of the recital process is quite thrilling for kids of all ages. From learning the choreography in class, rehearsing with classmates, trying on the costumes, all the way to the Curtain Call at the end of every show; these are the kind of memories that last a lifetime.

Recital classes are optional, and many non-recital courses are always offered for those who prefer not to perform. For those who wish to perform, three types of performance opportunities are offered at B2D: Stage Recitals, Urban Games, and Concept Videos.


Both the Spring session (March to June) and Fall session (September to December) culminate in a stage Recital, known as Awaken The Dancer Within Gala.

Recital classes are offered for all age groups (Tots, Juniors, Tweens, and Teens) and at various skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. For a chance to perform at the recital, students would enroll in a Recital-based class (labeled as such on the schedule) that suits their age group and skill level.

Starting on the 2nd week of the session, students begin learning a dance choreography designed for the stage. A well-structured practice and preparation system is in place to ensure that all participating students properly learn the routine. This includes practice videos, practice music, rehearsal space, in addition to the Dress Rehearsal, which takes place the day before the show at the same stage where the Recital is held.

We typically host our semi-annual Recitals at the prestigious Rachel Schlesinger Concert Hall inside NOVA’s Alexandria campus, typically with over 250 performers and a crowd of nearly 1,000 people in attendance.

The two semi-annual recitals in 2020 are scheduled for Sunday, June 14th and Sunday, December 13th.



The Winter session (January to March) culminates in the Urban Games tournament.


The Urban Games is essentially a non-stage recital hosted at a big gym and organized as a dance tournament, rife with winnable merchandise, special prizes, as well as opening and closing ceremonies. It’s designed to provide the upbeat vibe of a dance recital but with the laid-back feel of a sporting event.

Urban Games performance classes are offered for the Junior, Tween, and Teen age groups, at various skill levels. The three divisions are Recreational (our Recital classes), Select (special hand picked division for advanced dancers, and Self Choreographed.

We host the annual Urban Games tournament at James Madison High School in Vienna.

The 2020 Urban Games is scheduled for Sunday, March 22nd.


During the Winter session, intermediate-level Tween and Teen students have an additional performance opportunity, in the form our annual Concept Video Series.


Concept Video classes meet for two hours per week throughout the session and culminate in a music video shoot, conceptualized and directed by a B2D choreographer.

Students get to perform various choreography pieces on the screen following a shooting script that is overseen by a professional production team. After the editing process is complete, we host a concept video premiere party where the videos make their debut.

The 2018 Concept Video series released its four videos on June 30th. Watch them here: Adult Concept Videos | Youth Concept Videos.





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